Four Reasons Publishers Reject Your Manuscript

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Every writer must have a dream to publish a book. For writers who already have a name in the books publishing it can be something easy. But the difference is for beginner writers. They are usually very difficult to penetrate the world of book publishing.

There are many reasons why the beginner faced trouble to publish the book:

1. No doubt that talking about books publishing industry is about profit. Of course the publisher will select manuscripts from writers who are well known by the public for publication. Rather than the script from beginner,

2. In general, the senior author who has had a script that is more qualified than novice writers. Although this theory is not always true. It may be that beginner authors have more quality writing, interesting and better than the senior author. Only opportunity and time has not catapulted his name.

3. Author beginners are usually not aware of market trends of books that are frowned upon in society. Novice writers write what he wanted to write. They are not following what is going popular in the market. That’s why when the writers sent it the publishers rejected the manuscript because it does not match market tastes.

4. And a very common is the writers do not understand the procedures, conditions and steps in sending the manuscript to a publisher that the manuscript be published.

Actually there is another way that authors can publish the manuscript. That is self publishing. With a self-published manuscript, the author was removing one obstacle. That was rejected by publishers.

It’s just self-published means of capital to print a book should be removed from their own pockets. For a book that cost Rp. 40,000, including print production costs typically 25% of the price of books. When we printed 1000 copies, it required fund of Rp. 10 million. That’s not including deal with distribution and the affairs of the bookstore and other parties. It’s not pictured, troublesome!

But now the world has changed so much. The development of information technology and the internet has become more advanced. For writers there is a very, very cheap to publish the manuscript. Even be zero dollars if you already have the computer.

Yes … we could publish our manuscript in the form of an e-book. E-book or electronic book is also called a digital book can overcome the impasse we are to publish the book. We just change the text in MS Word to PDF form. With PDF Creator software that can be downloaded free from the internet, we are able to publish the manuscript in the form of an e-book.

Now what purpose we publish the manuscript? If we just want our script read by the general public without material want the reward (money). So we live on the internet and upload to inform the public to download our script for free.

But if our goal other than to spread knowledge and information from our script, also want the material rewards (money). So we can sell it on the internet. With capitalize internet connection then we can make it as one’s own business.

How Publishes Manuscript without dealing with publishers?

How to make our manuscript as Self’s Own Business?

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