5 Advantages eBooks Compared with Books

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Now more advanced information technology. Wherever we are, even though it was in the corner of the world, still can communicate with people in other parts of the world. Yes … internet that can connect people from one end to the other end of the world.

Also for media sharing information and media science, when a few years ago we were still using these media in physical form, eg paper, in the form of books, magazines and other newspapers. So now the media does not have the paper anymore. Or maybe in the future we will not use it anymore. But the medium changes in digital form, That E-book, or Electronic Books.

Why E-book?? There are several advantages of media information and knowledge in the form of an e-book.

1. Because the format in digital form, e-book form rather than hard copy softcopy. More concise so do not need a place to store large, as well as books, which require a shelf / cupboard and room to store them. E-book only requires storage media such as hard disks in PCs or laptops, floppy disks, CDs and now have Flash Disk that looks small and can be taken anywhere.

2. System e-book delivery is very fast, only takes a few minutes even in seconds. Compare when we send the book, can take days.

3. Media send an e-book is very practical. We can send an e-book via email and within seconds was accepted by the people we send an e-book. Or we can upload on the Internet and throughout the world can download the e-book.

4. The cost to print the e-book is very cheap. Even be free if you already have an existing computer program MS-Word and PDF Writer, and the cost of electricity from the computer are ignored. Compare if you print a book with 200 pages of thick books in 1000, printing costs could be around 10 million rupiahs … the value is not very expensive. When compared with the print e-book is almost free, regardless of the amount which we will print up to unlimited, no printing costs will add to the e-book.

5. E-book will not be-broken. During the data we do not have a virus, and this can be prevented by the use of computer and careful installation of anti-virus software, e-books will remain in good condition even though it was already tens of years. Compare this with the book, which are easily damaged, torn, missing, fade and mildew writing when age is an annual book.

But until now there is a lack of e-book, which is Leisure. We usually like to read in a comfortable condition, such as sleeping, relaxing on the couch, sitting relaxed in the park. As we do when reading a book. When reading e-books we have in front of your PC or laptop computer. Sometimes we do not look strong with the monitor for long. Tired from sitting too long in front of the PC.

But I’m sure one day there will be a medium for reading e-books are friendly, so it gives comfort when reading. And really…Now there are so many ebook readers, for instant Amazon Kindle, Sony PRS, Bebook, Hanlin etc.

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    Jual eBook Readernya nggak ya? Pengin beli ebook readernya dulu. PocketBook .Kalau jual harganya berapa ?terima kasih

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