10 Reasons Why eBooks

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Indeed eBooks have several shortcomings. Sometimes we have difficulties to read ebook due to we need to use some tools to read the ebook. Although there is now ebook reader a very practical, but the price is still quite expensive for Indonesian.

Despite this, sometimes we feel the book has its own sensations when we turn back the pages. Frankly I agree with that. There was a sense of pride and satisfaction when we have a conventional book.

But we also have to think that ebook has a certain extraordinary and provide far greater benefits than the book. Below are described the main 10 reasons why we should switch to ebook:

  1. 1. eBooks have made us save space and time. We save place where we store our books collection. Was time, we do not need to keep the books for fear to buy a new one when we lost a collection of books.
  2. 2. If you like to mark things that are important in the book but was afraid to damage or make a bad book because of graffiti, the eBook reader lets you mark important points in the ebook without making bad as graffiti.
  3. 3. If a publisher sells a million copies with 250 pages per copy for a book. That means 12,000 trees needed to produce a single book title only (source: “How to Go Green: Books” by Cindy Katz and Jennifer Wilkov). That means we have contributed to the destruction of the environment when reading a book.
  4. 4. If you feel in a font size too small, the ebook reader allows us to change font size easily. So no problems because of the size of the letters.
  5. 5. eBook reader can subscribe to newspapers or magazines online. So no need to wait newspaper deliveryman walked into our house.
  6. 6. We do not bother to go to book stores because we can download ebook online from home. This saves time for shopping and searching for books on the shelves of book stores.
  7. 7. It will never run out of stock. Because the ebook is available in digital form, so it will always be available at all times.
  8. 8. Ebook reader does not require lighting when reading ebook. Because its display is able to illuminate. So we can save electrical energy.
  9. 9. Regarding the file size and capacity. We must be honest, ebook requires a small file that a small ebook device can accommodate thousands of ebook. Imagine how easy it is to school because we just brought a novel instrument capable of storing thousands of ebooks.
  10. 10. We can save money. eBooks course much cheaper price than the book. Because not require resources and a large production costs.

This Article also posted at http://www.TokoeBook.Com.


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