3 Steps to Create a PDF eBook for Beginners

Pic taken from ehow.com

If you want to create/publish ebook in PDF format, so you’ll need software to make that ebook. This article will explain two things, First, this article will help a beginner to understand the software package and its relationship with Adobe eBook. Second, this article will explain the alternatives in making a PDF ebook without the cost or free. Once again this article for beginners in the world of ebook’s.

General understanding of Adobe and this company’s relationship with the PDF eBook. Adobe Systems began to create Portable Document Format (or known as PDF) in 1993. Adobe Acrobat is one of computer programming products that produced by Adobe Systems.

Software which is used to read the PDF-formatted documents is Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is one of the products of the software Adobe Acrobat. You can download Adobe Reader for free.

Software was used to create PDF format documents, which is also the product from Adobe Acrobat is the Adobe Acrobat 9. To have the software maker of PDF document, you have to spend money of US$ 299 for the Standard, US$ 499 for the Pro and US$ 699 for the Pro Extended.
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